So… 5/5 came and went without a new episode posted. There will be a Season 5 this summer. Let’s see what I can get done this week before the month of May ends.


Season 5 is here…. well, almost.. but it’s very close. all of the filming is done, the song has been selected and editing has started for the first episode. Given no interruptions, the latest the first episode of the season will be uploaded on Sunday May 5th (Cinco de Mayo). I wanted to post it yesterday, but felt I needed another week to edit (it’s been a while since I’ve put together a new episode).

All episodes that I had in partial completion for Season 4 will be a part of Season 5. This means some will be in SD and others will be in HD.


As has been evidenced by the lack of anything posted here since April, there have been no Season 5 episodes of Scooter Sunday posted. This project and site is still a very important part of what I love to do, but for various personal reasons, there will be no Season 5 this year. The plan is to re-group in March 2013 and get everything together – scripts, story lines, planned footage – and start Season 5 off right and have it run through spring and summer.

The remaining three Season 4 episodes – 2 of which are in a mostly edited stage at this point – will be completed, hopefully before 2012 ends. This hiatus was not planned, but it happened and I hope to rebound back in 2013.


Still planning on 3 more Season 4 episodes. The start to Season 5 is being planned for late May, with a two week absence in June (personal travel). The plan is to be weekly until late September. Lots of anticipation for this season as it will bring the scooter video fun back after a couple of sparse and irregular seasons.


There are still 3 episodes for Season 4 filmed and in various stages of editing that will be produced and posted this year, before Season 5 hits in late April/early May.

My push is for Season 5 not to experience this lag in new episodes, instead posting on a regular weekly basis with only a few gaps.


The start of Season 4 is now. I plan to produce at least 12 episodes this year, maybe more if the weather permits [warmer non-rainy weather is preferred for any scooter ride].

There were only 4 episodes made for Season 3, which was not intentional, but cut shorter than planned [I had 12 episodes planned/in the queue] thanks to a few personal issues I had to work through in my life that distracted me from doing something that I love to do – filming and riding my scooter.

Most of those planned episodes will be part of Season 4, so nothing clever and fun will be lost.

Get ready for a great year of scootering and some of the best of Scooter Sunday you’ve ever seen.

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