Scooter Sunday – GoPro HERO 2 test footage 848×480 from Marty Mankins on Vimeo.

This is test footage filmed using a GoPro Hero 2 camera at 848×480 resolution at 60 fps.

Well, technically from this embedded version of the video, the above is actually 820×461.

I have been testing different resolutions from this GoPro HERO2 camera the last month or so. I would prefer to use a 1280×960 because the resolution can be easily downsized to 640×480 without screwing up the pixelation of the video.

The goal is to get something that I can upload without using Vimeo or *shudder* YouTube. The previous videos I’ve done have all been in standard resolution (SD) and moving into the HD or pseudo HD formats provides all sorts of new challenges.

This is all in preparation for Season 5, coming up in just mere weeks.