I purchased the Honda Metropolitan scooter back in April of 2007 with the intention of riding it to work and back to save gas money. As 2008 approached and gas prices soared, it became apparent that I was ahead of the curve on riding this efficient form of motorized vehicle. Not just for fun rides anymore, my time on two wheels was a pleasure to get around on.

The concept of Scooter Sunday started not too long after I started Banal Leakage in April 2008. This is the first post where I talked about my scooter rides.

After 20 posts of scooter talk and photos, it was obvious that the next phase was to film my scooter rides and thus Season 1 of Scooter Sunday was born. [the first season was actually called Scooter Sunday Captured]

The construction of each episode is a series of scooter rides edited against a background of music. Most episodes are themed to the song and lyrics, which creates a fun 2-4 mins of both visual and aural entertainment.

The First 4 Seasons

Season 1 was 9 episodes all filmed with a Canon point and shoot camera and edited in iMovie 6 HD. All songs and themes were put together each week with the idea of the scooter having a weekly riding adventure.

Season 2 was 14 episodes that were mostly filmed with a Canon SD 780 and edited in Final Cut Express 4, which improved the production and the time to edit the various clips and music track together. Also, I held a contest to name the scooter, which ended up being “ScUtah (a play on the words scooter and Utah) chosen by Lady Penelope.

Season 3 got cut short and only 4 episodes were produced. And then Season 4, which was to be 12 episodes, ended up being 8 episodes [3 of which are still in delayed/editing stage, to be posted in early 2013.]. There were no new episodes in 2012.

Season 5

And with the upcoming Season 5 in 2013, the return of the scooter engine hum, the wind in the small wisps of hair that stick out from under my helmet and the running of each stop sign or red light will be back to it’s full glory.

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